Technology can be as overwhelming as it is convenient and useful in our everyday lives. Daniel’s Tech Solutions is here to take the stress out of troubleshooting your existing devices as well as helping you find the perfect solution for that new home theater or wireless mesh network.• Serving the Central Coast •


$20/half hour
• Online tech support.
• Initial online consultation for new customers to determine services needed is $0 for the first 15 minutes.
$25/half hour
• In home tech support that can’t be handled online or over the phone.
• In home consultation. This includes determining the best placement for equipment and measurements taken of the space to determine the appropriate size for a tv and audio equipment.

$30/half hour
• In home installation and set up assistance. This includes unboxing a tv, placing the feet on it and fully setting it up. Hooking up all devices to tv and connecting to Wi-Fi.
• Set up of a sound bar or basic set up of a sound system with receiver. No cable management.
• TV mounting into studs. No cement or brick.
• Set up of internet equipment that was purchased from a store. This includes Starlink. We will not assist with internet equipment that was installed by another company.
More services to come including over-the-phone tech support.

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